CeMAP Training – An Essence for the Success of Financial Market

Posted November 27th @ 27 November, 2015

To become a mortgage broker, mortgage compliance and insurance training, CeMAP training course are offered as the primary steps to qualify as a mortgage consultant. Just 10 days of fast track training to be CeMAP qualified. If you are finding difficult to begin a career as a mortgage advisor in Financial Services, let the experienced training proficient guide your way. Even if you don’t have educational qualifications, you can pass the CeMAP exams. But strong aspiration in you to be ...
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Bad Credit Unsecured Loans Accredit Financial Security

Posted November 26th @ 26 November, 2015

To err is human. It is not easy to get untouched to loans these days. As availing loans online has become very easy, people take benefits of loans unthinkably. Or, when the time of repayment comes, since then, the problem starts making cry. And, non-repayment blots ones credit with the stigma of bad credit. But money market plays always a pliant role. Solutions of bad credit unsecured loans accredit financial security to the individuals having adverse credit history. Bad Credit Unsecured ...
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Accounting Outsourcing Services - A Powerful Assistance for Sorting Of Accounting Blues

Posted November 25th @ 25 November, 2015

Accounting, as you know is an indispensable function of a business organization. It is mandatory to keep your accounts in check and recorded neatly so as to keep track of your company’s growth and fall. However, the problem lays in the boredom the job of accounting gives owing to which professional accountants need huge payment. Instead of paying high to accountants in your firm and managing their other expenses, it would be a better option if you hire the professional assistance from ...
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Use Protection: Online Banking Security & Identity Theft Prevention

Posted November 24th @ 24 November, 2015

In a paperless world, you might think identity theft would run rampant. But it's really not that bad. With so many banks, credit card companies and stores going totally electronic, they've all taken steps to increase online security and help prevent identity theft. At my bank - Bank of America - Online Banking security is taken very seriously. They've got tons of measures in place to help prevent identity theft and keep their customers' accounts protected and secure. Online Banking Security: ...
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Beware Of Non-Profit Debt Relief Fraud

Posted November 23rd @ 23 November, 2015

Over the years, there is an increase in the number of debt relief scams. Many people claim to have been victimized by debt relief firms who immediately disappear after they have signed up with non-profit relief companies. It is understandable for you to feel stressed out and frustrated over the huge debts that you are facing. Nowadays, it is easier to find debt help companies online. The challenging part in searching for these firms is that you have no way of differentiating the legal from the ...
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How a Chartered Accountant Can Help Your Business Succeed

Posted November 22nd @ 22 November, 2015

Choosing a reliable and efficient chartered accountant is crucial for the growth and success of your business. You need someone who well understand your underlying vision, business objectives and can assist you in several financial and legal matters. The advice given by chartered accountant influences your business decisions to a considerable extent. A chartered accountant should not only be experienced but also possess huge wealth of knowledge to serve your needs. He should have the ability to ...
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Sba Commercial Loans – Status

Posted November 21st @ 21 November, 2015

2008 has been a very tricky year for all involved in the commercial mortgage business and SBA commercial loans are no exception, to the surprise of many.  Numbers are down across the board and some estimates are coming in that the SBA 7a program (the most popular) will have closed roughly half of what they did in 2007, in terms of loan volume.  Number of closed loans is also way down. Many industry players have been really shocked by this outcome.  After all, the government set the program ...
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Rodman & Rodman, P.C. Outline New COBRA Provisions for Businesses

Posted November 20th @ 20 November, 2015

  •The IRS recently issued additional guidance relating to the COBRA provisions adopted in the ARRA. In general, the new provisions provide a 65 percent subsidy for COBRA continuation premiums for up to nine months for workers who have been involuntarily terminated, and their families,” according to Tom Astore, CPA, JD, Tax Manager at Rodman & Rodman (http://www.rodmancpa.com)   Astore noted that these rules apply to group health plans that are subject to the Federal COBRA ...
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Small Business Loan With Bad Credit

Posted November 19th @ 19 November, 2015

"Initially, it was difficult to get small business loans if you had a bad credit record. But today the scenario has changed, there are many organizations that offer you small business loans even if you have bad credit. However, before you make your choice on what loan to take, consider the various options available to make the best selection. What is your credit score The first step to getting a good small business loan is understanding what your credit score is. Your credit score depends on ...
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Rodman & Rodman CPA Advises Businesses that New Sales Tax Rate Impacts Accounting, POS Systems -

Posted November 16th @ 16 November, 2015

DATELINE: BRAINTREE AND NEWTON, MASS... Rodman & Rodman, P.C. Certified Public Accountants and Business Strategists, have outlined the tax provisions that take effect August 1, 2009 that may affect accounting systems, cash registers or POS systems of businesses.  
  • The sales and use tax rate is increased to 6.25 percent from 5 percent.
  • The local excise tax rate that cities or towns, except Boston, may impose on the transfer of occupancy of any room in a bed and breakfast, hotel,
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